Though it’s known widely as the “common Daisy,” there is nothing common about it! The Daisy has reportedly been used in food, medicine and cosmetics for centuries. Pollinated by our friend, the bee, this resilient little flower is in bloom for most of the year and can even adapt to survive in the higher mountain regions of southeastern Europe. The Daisy’s Latin name is Bellis perennis; Bellis for “beauty” and perennis for “everlasting.”

This charming little flower is collected for Burt’s Bees for one compelling reason: its extract has been shown to be a natural skin-brightening agent. What does that mean? Our formulas, with Daisy extract, help reduce the appearance of dark spots and pigmentation to help create a more even skin tone. We use Daisy extract in our Brightening products.

Daisy Map

Daisies are wild-harvested from the higher mountain regions of Macedonia. Specially trained workers gather only the blossoms of the flower so that the plants can retain their viability and continue growing. Though they thrive in this region, Daisies are also found in western, central and northern Europe. In recent years, they have even been naturalized in North America and Australia.